After the Monitor Tour ~Gratitude~ ② !

by Kazu

The days of the monitor tour had gone and just the photos were left behind them.
I look them again and again and remember the countenances of them.

After the long ceremony, the farewell dinner started with the toast. Taro-san found a pretty lady from the company that got the order of this project, near him and talked to her.
Everybody showed good smile and savored the feast sourced locally.

We drank beer at a high pace like sponge foam. Needless to say,  everybody got hungry and waiting for the feast in front of us stimulate our appetite  so harshly.
But they never forgot to respond to the camera shooting even while they wolfed down the grilled meat.
This was the first time for me to have meal with them but I was eager to leave the photos as a mementos.

This is the lady from the company that arranged the monitor tour under my order and Taro-san liked her so much.
Mr. Shimada on the left was the representative of the Takikawa Tourism Association. Ms. Ohara was also the representative of the company Intelligent Link involved in the consortium.

Kudos to Mr. Shimada and Ms. Ohara as well as the riders!
Besides, the symposium for cycle-tourism in Hokkaido will be held in Kaderu 2.7 in Sapporo City on December 6 (Fri.). The main player of cycle tourism in Hokkaido will get together with the guest from Shizuoka Prefecture.

I thought he was an artist, considering his response to the camera.

His hair style is very similar to that of very famous comedian in Japan, so he performed like the comedian responding to the request.
The name of the comedians was "Kyaiiiiin". who visited Taiwan again and again.

Mr. Yeng was allowed to be poured by the lady from the company, by his wife.
His wife was allowed to hug with David by Mr.Yeng.

Taro-san gave a speech of gratitude.
I really appreciate the cooperation extended by you all !

Please do not forget this tour and come to Hokkaido again and again. I will also visit Taiwan again and again.
I requested high five to each of them.

Absolutely he was the good performer in front of the camera.

His sharp ride was so impressive,

His riding suits and hair style were so cool. I did not know the variety of riding suits. It might be a new market.

Special thanks and special high five to Taro-san.
Thank you very much for requesting to become friends on Facebook !

Mr. Ishizuka and Mr. Momota gave us the indication on the challenges in front of us in promoting cycle tourism of Hokkaido.

They started to get on the bus. I almost wept without care.
You guys seemed to filled up with the delicious lamb Jingisukan and beer !
See you again in Hokkaido or Taiwan.

See you soon on Facebook.

Thank you very much and good bye now !
Au revoir !

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