From La Vista to Tokachi Plain !

by Kazu

On our way from Hotel La Vista on the hillside of Mt. Asahi(dake) to the foot of Mt. Tomuraushi(dake), Chuubetsu River showed its beautiful curve from south to north.
 The river made a beautiful emerald lake beside the flow and fertile field on the downside.

Mikuni mountain pass is the highest pass in Hokkaido. The landscape that can be seen from the lookout is magnificent and can be said of Hokkaido of Hokkaido.  

The lip mountain and the reflection on the surface of the Lake Shikaribetsu makes the sexy shape of lips from spring to autumn.

A foot bath is on the lakeside. Watching the lips mountain while soaking your feet in the bath is worthwhile and so comfortable.  
 It was a little bit too cold for my guest from the North America but my wife loves the foot bath so much and enjoyed it.
I am not sure how often the cruise boat goes around the lake but many fish called Oshorokoma was under the boat on the day.

 This bis Tokachi Plain. The photo was taken from the lookout from the Lake Shikaribestu to Shimizu Town.
A fox appeared in front of us expecting feeding. We never gave food but in some area of Hokkaido, foxes bring red saucer and seem to request food. That trick attracts people so much and the success rate is so high in such case.

Alan told the fox we did not have any food with us but the fox seemed to understand nothing.

Good-bye black-socked fax !

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