The Second Day of the Monitor Tour ② !

by Kazu

At last, the monitor cycle tour group reached to the restaurant "Harvest" where they had lunch.
Precisely speaking, this building with a red deck is the boulangerie adjacent to the restaurant.  

Their expensive bikes had to wait for their master for an hour and half in the cold rain.

They showed us Japanese their intestinal fortitude as Taiwanese people. Their clothes  was sloppy after the ride in the rain.
In the warm and comfortable log house with the aroma of spruce, they were recovering from the almost-hypothermia.  
Some pretty items and commodities were exhibited at the entrance of the restaurant.  The box is for the questionnaire for the customers.
This is the foyer of the restaurant. The second floor might be warmer than the ground floor but the direct hot wind from the heater could be used near their table on the first floor.
After giving a long sigh of relief, the halt of the monitor tour on the day was announced and they gave a longer sigh of relief.

Their wet shoes, grove and socks were place in front of the heater that was exhausting the hot air and the y could not leave the place for a while.
Their hands were as cold as the ice after the ride in the cold rain. I am so sorry for letting you all ride in the harsh weather.

I was so relieved to see their smiles in the restaurant. I was really concerned about the hypothermia when one of them fell down on the road twice.
The touch of wood gave them visual warmness and I was convinced that the choice of the restaurant was nice.

A very very old tractor for cultivation was in the backyard of the restaurant. It gave a special twist to the scenery, I think.
This is the main building of the farm restaurant "Harvest". Having lunch on the deck is so comfortable in spring, summer and autumn.
Nobody was on the deck on the day.

Some veggies and fruits were sold in the building of the boulangerie. The apples were the catch on the day.
Some pretty commodities were also showcased on the shelves.
It seemed that a nice potter was producing his or her works near the restaurant.
Can I call the design "Girly"?
All the bikes were removed their wheel and loaded on the cars.
They headed to the hotel they would stay by cars.

After arriving in the Hotel Shuuparo in Yubari City, they found the poster of the movie film shot in the city.

He seemed to be the fan of the famous actress and model
林 志玲Lin Chi-ling

Taro-san was explaining on the schedule for that night and the after. He said that he did not do interpretation in the arranged tour normally but this time is special. Thank you Taro-san !  
The last ride in the monitor tour would start at nine o'clock in the morning of November 9(Fri.).
Please be soaked in the hot spring bath and have a enough rest !

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