Hotel La Vista Daisetsuzan !

by Kazu

We visited the Hokkaido Historical Museum in the outskirt of Sapporo City and take enough time to understand the history of the development in Hokkaido.
Above is the embalmed bear in the wooden cage. The indigenous people in Hokkaido Ainu released the soul of the bears from the body in their ceremonies.
The URL of the museum is
Other photos were taken in the small bathrooms for families or couples in the Hotel La Vista Daisetsuzan. It has three kinds of hot spring bath near the large spa.
My wife tried each of them by herself in the night.
They were very nice to have quality time in relaxing with your lover.
 The corridor was very calm and has enough space for us all. We really enjoyed our stay in the hotel on the hillside of Mt. Asahi(dake).
The lobby of the hotel was also comfortable to spend time with family and friends..
The seminars are held on every weekend but it was on Friday and we could not study on the wildlives around the hotel.
The fireplace was not been used yet but the place is the most popular in the hotel in winter. It is very comfortable to kick back in front of the fire.
You can enjoy enough your stay in the hotel even in winter.