The Historical Museum of Hokkaido !

by Kazu

It may be the best way for measuring the grace to know how the people approach to the other cultures and the history.
My friends Kathleen and Alan are the matured globe trotter and I have never seen such matured persons on the world. They said that they had spent four or five hours to look around and into the museum each state, city or town had in the area.

They seem to have total chronology of the world history in their memory connecting the history of each tribe on the globe.

Depending on their request, we dropped by The Historical Museum of Hokkaido that would be closed until the spring of 2015 for refurbishing to become "Hokkaido Museum".

The URL of the museum is

 The indigenous people of Hokkaido Ainu caught bears for their festival to release the souls of bears from their bodies. Yes, the bear raised in the village of the people, called Kotan, were killed in the festival but it was not based on the concept of sacrifice. It was rather to make deity in Hokkaido.
It may be difficult to understand the belief of Ainu but actually that existed in Hokkaido.
After two hours of research in the museum, we had "the most delicious hamburger" Mos Burger head quartered in Japan. The name shows the concept of the founder who would like to provide the best quality hamburgers to the people. As a result, my favorite "Fish Burger" that contains enough chopped onion became their favorite. Onion may be my soul food because my hometown Kitami City produces the most onion in Japan and controls the amount of the onion in Japan.
Although it snowed on our way from Asashikawa City to the Hotel La Vista Daisetsuzan, we managed to reach the hotel before dinner time.
This is one of the most popular hotel in this area and of course my favorite hotel on the hillside of Mt. Asahi(dake).
I was very happy to take them to my favorite accommodation. The sign showed that this is the garden where the deities are romping around.

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