Dear Kathleen and Alan ③ !

by Kazu

Though the weather was not so clear on that day but Mt. Rusutsu changed the color of the leaves.
We dropped by the roadside station to pick up some products and produces of Agriculture.

After that, we checked out Hotel Windsor, the venue of G8 Summit held on Hokkaido for the first time.

The sight was still clear at that moment.  
 Japanese buckwheat noodle soup restaurant Tankei was our choice for the lunch. The restaurant had a nice view from the window.
Kathleen chose Tempura soba buckwheat noodle soup. Those light Tempura should be eaten with salt to extract the original quality taste of the material.
 I chose simple and cold noodle soup topped with horse radish. It was so rare for me to chose the simple soba but I was eager to savor the original taste of soba itself on that day.
It was so nice to sip the soup and the noodle made from the buckwheat, watching the lake view and the gulf view.
Shall we arrange the meeting with such cuisine, looking around the supreme stage of the scenery for the people ?

To be continued.