After the Monitor Tour ~Gratitude~ ① !

by  Kazu

After the courageous people from Taiwan finished all their tour in Hokkaido in this occasion, they had to try the quick bathing in Ebeotsu Hot Spring Spa in the outskirt of Takikawa City.
I was very sorry for the tight schedule before farewell dinner.
 Each of the members were handed the certificate by the mayor Mr. Kohkichi Maeda, that proved their attendance to the monitor tour which would be made the most of in the video, photos and posters to advertise the cycle-tourism in Hokkaido.

It took 15 to 20 minutes to start to eat the grilled lamb and veggies in Matsuo Jingisukan Pot. Ample photo session were held before the farewell dinner.

 Taro-san should be given another award for his special cooperation to the tour as the leader, interpreter and the facilitator of communications.
Thank you so much, Taro-san !

Most of them had already got used to the long ride of 300 km to 500 km but the cold rain, bumpy road not scheduled beforehand and the shivering situation might be too tough for them. But they reached the goal.
 I would like to extend my sincere "Congratulations !"and gratefulness to each of the group members.

They had to pose again and again to the numbers of cameras.
Many press companies took photos of them in the restaurant.

 This event would be reported to the headquarters of Hokkaido Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan as well as the authority of Taiwan.

 It is very funny to see all the photos one after another and post on the blog. They were requested their smile from various kinds of angles.
 I supposed that they really were so hungry. They could eat and drink as much as they wanted in the restaurant for two hours but they had to leave there one hour and a half later, considering their arrival time at the hotel in Sapporo City.

The mayor Mr. Maeda gave a speech to praise the members of the tour and extend his gratefulness. He was and is eager to request the members to visit Hokkaido including Takikawa City again.
I am so convinced of the stable relationship between Sorachi sub-prefectural area and Taiwan !

To be continued.

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