Cycling Monitor Tour for Taiwanese People in Miyajimanuma Marsh !

by Kazu

After riding through Sunagawa City and Naie Town, the tour group headed to Miyajimanuma Marsh that was listed on Ramsar Convention.
 What do you think are they taking photo ?
You will see it later.
Many migratory birds such as gander, swan, wild geese dropped by the marsh on their way to the south a few weeks ago but no birds can not be seen now.
They had a rest on the lakeside.
Their helmets are the same design.

Please enjoy enough and take your time !
Taro-san was born in Nagasaki City and he kindly play the role of interpreter in this tour.
I really appreciate his help albeit I thought I had to interpret Japanese to English, not Mandarin Chinese to Japanese.

It was getting cloudy. They prepared to leave for washroom because taking off their shoes for using washroom was a little bit difficult due to the cover socks against the cold wind.
I don't know the reason why a goat is here.

A female journalist, Ms. Sakamoto did interview to get her article on the morning paper.
I hope she will make it !
It is the time to leave Kairaku Park in Tsukigata Town !