Dear Kathleen and Alan !

by Kazu

 I think you two arrived in your sweet home of Albuquerque, here I post my sweet memories.
I hope Nikka distillery in Yoichi Town satisfied you enough.
It was a lovely day, wasn't it ?  
 The single cask of Taketsuru outstripped Macallan ?
Taketsuru whiskey of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 years old can be savored in the distillery but in this warehouse, just the aroma can be savored.

 I would like to inform you all that the story of Mr. Masataka Takestsuru and his wife Rita will be a TV drama.
The water of life is sleeping in this warehouse.
I was really happy to have you two here in Hokkaido. It took 18 years to have this honor;)
Although the beautiful autumnal foliage has gone now but the taste of the art established by Mr Taketsuru can be savored all over the world.

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