The Last Ride in the Tour ① !

by Kazu

The last ride in the monitor tour started at nine o'clock on November 9(Sat.) before my arrival at the hotel Shuuparo in Yubari City.
I was very pleased with the weather and the beautiful colored foliage that they would see on that day.

 Each of the group member looked full of vim and vigor. The road side space for bicycles had enough width.

The first stage on the day was downhill and they hit the stride in the much better condition than the day before.

As the mountain pass of Teimi Area in Yubari City had already closed, they detoured around the hill-climb course and headed to Kuriyama Town to go through Iwamizawa City and Mikasa City.
It was much warmer than the day before but it was November 9 when snowfall was foreseen 2 days later and actually Sorachi sub-prefectural area was covered with snow on November 11(Mon.)  

 This is the scenery they enjoyed while bicycling.
It was so difficult to take photos of each member with the beautiful scenery that they might not satisfied with the photos.
 I think this photo is the best with the scenery.
The shutter speed of my camera was not so fast and I missed the best shot of them on this stage.
 Sorry for delay of shutter.
This photo is also nice, isn't it?
The scenery is good but the timing was not good.
I regret that I should use the camera of my wife.

 Does this photo look nice ?
Ummmmmmm, good angle !
 Nice pose and timing !
A little bit too early ?
This is nice !
David did a good job on that day, too. Kudos to David !
Sorry for my low degrees of skill to take photos !

To be continued.

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