To the peak of Mt. Iwaonupuri 4 !

 by Kazu

What a nice scenery it was ! It might be the reward of climbing the mountains but the trekking it self is also fulfill our mind and body with happiness.

 A little bit more walk would take us to the peak of the mountain and bring us the reward of fabulous scenery.

The cloud was swamping to the peak and we had to hurry up to conquer the peak to take photos from the peak.
 This is the peak of Mt. Iwaonupuri. in Neseko Highland Area. We might have to start earlier to savor the scenery without clouds but anyway, we reached the peak as scheduled without happening.
I hope my head would not get bald like the peak of the mountain;)
We will try Mt. Chisenupuri again in not-so-distanced-future.
The crystallized sulfur in the crater enables me to make gun powder !

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