At the peak of Mt. Iwaonupuri !

by Kazu

As a result, it took one hour and twenty minutes to reach the peak of Mt. Iwaonupuri from the accommodation.
Before checking-out, we conquered the peak, got down to the hillside, soaked our body in the hot spring spa and had enough rest.
 This is the scenery we savored from the peak of the mountain. Our trekking was rewarded enough.
Just before reaching the peak, we hurried up because the clouds seemed to be swamping to the peak.  To take the picture-perfect photos of the beautiful landscape from the peak, we dashed to the peak.
 Gradually, the scenery was getting covered with the veil as white as the snow on the hillside.
The tops of the volcanoes tend to be bald without plants but I thought it was like the place for praying to the deities ruling the area.
 We should not talk too much at the peak of the mountains and around the area where reigned by the entities for the co-existence of human beings and the nature, I think.

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