To the peak of Mt. Iwaonupuri 3 !

by Kazu
This is the place where deities are romping around. Yes, it is called "Kamuimintara" in the language of the indigenous people of Hokkaido Ainu.
 This is one of the most popular trekking courses in Hokkaido because this trekking course is easy even for the novices.
Do you know that the small plants on the highland grow bigger in the lowland than their original habitat.
 We enter the crater of the volcano. It was not so hot on the rocks but the smell of sulfur started to stimulate our noses. The crystals made of sulfur were here and there even on the hillside.
As it was still cloudy and cool on the hillside and the crater of volcano, we did not have to sip water on our way to the peak. SO comfortable trekking it was !
A small lake that could not be seen from the lower place appeared between the peaks.  

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