Remembering the spring again ! Before the cold season !

by Kazu

A bunch of mallards visit and stay on this pond. It is on the premises of Hokkaido Government Office Area. So bright white azalea flowers were blooming at that time.
Do you know Japanese custom in spring "Hanami" that means "savoring beautiful flowers in spring" as well as the delicious dishes and drinks.
These dishes are what we had in the welcome-party thrown in that season.
Above is the sushi-grade sliced fresh raw fish such as salmon,and salmon roe, fatty tuna, yellow tale, shrimp, abalone, squid, red snapper and scallop.
Can you find small squids on the left? This squid is called "Hotaru Ika" because it emits light like the light-emitting beetle called "Hotaru" in Japan.

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