Golden Ginkgo Biloba in Hokkaido University !

by Kazu

It is named "Kinyou-sai" that means "Golden Leaves Festival" in Japanese. The yellow leaves of Ginkgo Biloba was lit up on the premises of Hokkaido University in the night of October 24(Sat.) and 25(Sun.) .  So many citizens and tourists seemed to be contemplating the beauty of the protagonists and their lives.
 The lighting-up started at six thirty, so many visitors who came here before the time after the sun-set might have been discouraged and went to other place to visit.
We were not sure how many people would visited until the end of this show at 21:00 in that night but were sure each of the visitors would bring a camera and post it on their blog or their album before the General Winter rules the island. It snowed on that day but we could enjoyed the beauty ofthe autumnal foliage a little bit more this year.

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