Only one cent for one square memter, Chippubetsu!

by Kazu

Previously, I've introduced this tower in Chippubetsu Town, Sorachi sub-prefectural area but not yet about the rose garden and the countermeasures against the depopulation and the lack of successors for farmers.  
 This town developed a bulk of residential area, making the most of subsidies provided by central government and Hokkaido Government, to offer the cheapest price of real estates to the would-be citizens. The price is only one Japanese yen for on square meter. It is very competitive price in Hokkaido. 
This photo was taken on June 29(Fri.) in the Rose Garden of Chippubebetsu Town. It is a little bit difficult to make ends meet in running this rose  garden but it seems that the citizens may have agreed with the red of roses and the bottom line of the financial report produced every year.  
This photo was taken on July 3(Tue.). The white roses are blooming as if they are queen of the garden. In bookkeeping, being in the red is not preferable but may be more comfortable in this garden.
This photo was taken on July 3(Tue.).  Pink roses are increasing the power.
Chippubetsu Town is welcoming the trainees for running farm in the town as an entrepreneur. Considering the situation of TPP negotiations, it may be tough for farmers to run their farm in Japan. But we need our soul food, " rice "  produced in Hokkaido! Safe food is absolutely required to keep our life and society!