Mt.Youtei in Shiribeshi!

by Kazu

This is not the famous symbol of Japan Mt. Fuji but is called Ezo Fuji (Mt.Fuji in Hokkaido).Its real name is Mt.Youtei and it has the beautiful shape of Konide.It is 1,898m high. The hillside is crumbled again and again and the landslides occurred many times. 
 It shows  variety of countenances in each season and time and produces the water of high quality at the foot of itself. Many people visit  Kyougoku Town and adjacent towns and villages bring the quality water to their home and restaurant to make the delicious coffee. Kyougoku Town is known as the place to produce the quality water that is bottled and sold.
It has four trails to reach the summit and various kinds of creatures can be seen on each trail. The season of trekking has already begun but the weather is very comfortable, not so hot and humid this year compared to average.  
Many hot spring spas are around the mountain including Niseko ski resort. Only one hour drive from Sapporo City can bring you to another world. Everybody loves this area Shiribeshi that also has the beautiful coastline and delicious sea food.
Details are at http://www.shiribeshi.pref.hokkaido.lg.jp/ss/srk/en/index.htm
Have a nice weekend!