Shakotan Peninsula 1!

by Chiseko

I think that it was prohibited to use the name of Mecca, the sacred city of Islamic people for expressing "the center" of something, so it can be said that Shakotan Peninsula area is one of the most popular area for the people living in Sapporo City and the neighbours to visit, particularly for scuba divers, Yoichi Town, Furubira Town,    
Shakotan Town and Kamoenai Village are the place of training and pleasure diving.
The seafood restaurant is at the horn of the peninsula. Route 5 to this area was so crowded  on the day. So many people deluged to this area that some restaurants ran out of sea urchin, in particular, the highest grade sea urchin "Ezo Aka Bafun Uni" which means Red Horse-dung-shaped sea urchin of Hokkaido disappeared first. 
Most of the tourists dropped off the Route 5 to this horn and went into the restaurants seeking for the taste of summer sea urchin. my husband and I were the first group to enter the restaurant on that day but so many tourists followed us 5 minutes later.
Very cosy space is set for the guests but so many fishermen are smokers that the restaurants run by fishermen or provided with the seafood directly by fishermen, place ashtray on the table. It's a pity. But I could not find any ashtray in this restaurant.
My favorite "Ezo Aka Bafun Uni" rice bowl costed 3,800 Japanese Yen on that day and the salmon roe with "Ezo Aka Bafun Uni" rice bowl costed 3,400 Yen. The price fluctuates every day according to the market price.
I hate the sea urchin coated with Vaseline or alum for keeping its shape. Violet sea urchin called "Murasaki Uni"
is a little bit cheaper than "Ezo Aka Bafun Uni".
It's very sweet and so delicious that I decided to limit the occasions to have the superb sea urchin to once or twice in each year.
Well-processed salmon roe is my another favorite but considering to regulate the amount of blood cholesterol, too much take of salmon roe and sea archin leads to life-style related diseases.
Two more seafood restaurants are near the restaurant that we enter and they were filled with many tourists before our venue of lunch is swamped by other tourists.
This restaurnt was nearer than the horn of bthe peninsula and we use it last year . According to the web site of this restaurant, the same kind of sea archin costs 4,500 Yen in this restaurant. So we chose another restaurant this year. 
It was beautiful day and I had very nice seafood up to ears. Everybody, enjoying your stay in Hokkaido? I love it!


  1. Hi, can you give me more specific directions as to where this uni restaurant is? I will be traveling to that area this summer! Thanks! Please contact me at acct2611@excite.com.