Why was this named "Peperu"?

by Alan

I've been wondering why the spa in Moseushi town was named "Peperu" which sounds like not Japanese but I've got the reason. “PE”(ぺ)means water and “PERU”(ペル)means fountain in the language of indigenous people in Hokkaido, Ainu. The municipality of Moseushi wanted this hot spring spa to be loved by the citizens and visitors forever. The name sounds bright and happy, the clerks of the town thought.
 The design of the spa is very interesting.

Watching the Japanese garden in front of the outside bath, soaking myself in the bath eased the pain and alpha wave in my brain can be recognized.
Open: 10:00~22:00(all the year round)
Individuals/ Adult 500yen Child 250yen (greade school)
                      Under 6 years old : Free of charge
Group/ Adult 400yen Child 200yen (Over 15 persons)
Party Use/ Adult 200yen  Child 100yen
                   (the party charge should be over 2500yen/person)
                    ※ Free of charge in case the party charge is over 3000yen
 This cottages are adjacent to the "Peperu".
families and groups can use these cottages in various kinds of purposes.

8 persons can stay in each cottage.
Friday and the day before holidays:18,000yen
Equipments: Bube-tube, Fridge, microwave oven, rice cooker, utensils and dishes, Japanese style beds
※No spices, Japanese Yukata, Towels and tooth brushes are not equipped.
Very comfortable accommodations, actually!

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