Little Zoo in Kuriyama Park !

by Kazu

This is what I mentioned about Kuriyama Park previously. There is a small zoo in the park. For kids, it may be wonderful to see the animals everyday near their home.
The Japanese monkey looks so lonely in the cage without friends.
Small horses are just eating grass without romping around. I am wondering if the space for horses is enough to run around or not. Anybody takes them outside the zoo and let hem play on the lawn? 
Birds are also in the cage without birds of prey.
The peacock is not alone and enjoying his walk in the cage.

His wife is in the house and doing house chores.
Easing him into the coldness of winter in Hokkaido is  tough call? His feather can be increased?
The Chinese black chicken is called "ukokkei" and the meat and eggs are put a premium so much that the zoo has to place the special security around the cage.

As it grows, the feather turns to white in spite of the color of the skin, black.
Rabbits are eating veggies without giving a glance at me.

The wife peacock is grumpy and grumbling about her husband's extramarital relationships in the cage.

Another grumpy bird is this turkey. She does not have her steady in this tiny zoo. Matching party should be arranged by the zoo. Matching parties for the successors of farmers are arranged by the municipalities in Sorachi sub-prefectural area but it is difficult to collect  enough females from urban area like Sapporo. So the staff members in each municipalities are so busy that the matching party for her is set aside and procrastinated.  
She got angry and turned red talking about her life. I hope she will be able to find he better half before she blow her top. "Till death do us part", my favorite words will  be said by her? I hope she will !;)

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