Shakotan Peninsula 2!

by Chiseko

Shakotan Peninsula has two horns. This is the tunnel to Shakotan Horn. There is enough parking space some restaurants near the tunnel.
Please be careful to step forward because entering the dark tunnel from the parking area may get you dizzied and the tunnel is very narrow.
Bright sunshine and Shakotan blue will welcome you all. It looks so nice to swim and actually my husband swam frequently but it is banned to go down to the coast because of the fear of falling rocks and landslide now.
When I was seeing my hubby swim, I was bitten by some mosquitoes on the rocks of the coast.
Different from the coral island where the white seabed is made from the sand that the fish made of coral they eat, the white seabed is the rocks in the sea that turned white like lime stones because of the low level of fertility of the sea water. The rivers in the Oshima Peninsula including Shakotan Peninsula  are so short that they can not bring enough mineral and nourishment for the kelp and seaweeds in the sea.   
On top of that, the sea urchins and abalones we put a premium and eat, eat up the kelp and seaweeds in the sea. The white rocks in the sea shows the barren sea even though it looks very beautiful like the coast of coral island.
Well-solved mineral and nourishment are required to raise more maritime creatures around this area.
Many scuba divers including my hubby enjoy boat dive around this peninsula. Once he said that yellow small coral could be seen near Shakotan Horn. The guide told him the yellow coral is the only one kind coral that can grow in cold sea water, he said.  
I have not enjoyed scuba diving for more than ten years but I am planning to live in Oahu Island of Hawaii, U.S.A. to get the doctorate in Hawaii University despite I am struggling with the master course of public hygiene in Hokkaido University and I am not sure if Hawaii University has an appropriate doctor course for me or not.    

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