Sora-puchi Kid's Camp!

by Kazu

This photo was taken at the lookout of Maruka Highland in Takikawa City.
The hills are covered with fog but some very calm uphill battles are fought by small kids at the hillside of the highland.
There are many kids who say "I want to play outside ! It's my dream!" In Japan, approximately 200,000 kids are fighting against the obstinate disease that is difficult to cure. Sora-puchi Kids Camp is where the children with obstinate disease can spend their time in nature comfortably. Encountering with new friends and experiences, strong bond with fellow soldiers to fight against the obstinate disease produce vim and vigor to keep on living and make the dream of their future.The entity running this camping system is eager to make the dreams come true with the dream camp that can be realized in cooperation with people. 
"Sora-puchi" means " the river with waterfall" in the language of indigenous people in Hokkaido, AINU. The name of the city Takikawa is the namesake of this Sora-puchi in the meaning. Taki means waterfall and kawa means river in Japanese.
For the the kids with cancer in their infancy, or with heart disease, Sora-puchi camp has the medical facilities in its premises and provides the service to support the kids with obstinate disease to enjoy camping. The kids and their family may forget about their disease in the nature and can spend their time with smiles.
Sora-puchi Kids Camp gives a good support and the place to the kids around the clock in order to make good memories, wonderful friends, power to live and hopes.
From the lookout above the camp, Mt. Pinneshiri and Mt.Shokanbetsu can be seen in fine weather.
This is the facilities and premises of Sora-puchi Kid's Camp.Already some kids have come in. I hope the kids fight a good fight and enjoy their stay in this camp that can exist with the goodwill of the people in Takikawa City and other area on this globe including the business sectors..
Please find the kids fighting and enjoying their stay at  http://wwww.solaputi.jp/index.html
But it is in Japanese. Sorry for negligence of Japanese people.

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