Ohta Seiki in Naie Town! Animal Repulser !

by Kazu

What do you think it is?
I will wxplain tomorrow!

This is the gadget to drive back the deers and other animals that give damages to agricultural produces in Hokkaido.
It costs 300,000 Japanese yen per unit.
This gadget is made of the LED light bulbs developed by Oota Seiki so that it can work under the  tough situation even under minus 10 degrees and over 35 degrees in Celcius in which the LED light bulbs made by major electronic manufacturer can not bear and keep the function.   
Do you remember the accidents the kids watching Pokemon TV program suffered an epileptic seizure ? That gave the inspiration to Mr. Yuji Ohta, the president of the company.
In cooperation with Hokkaido University, he developed this gadget to kick out the deers that eat up the veggies and grops raised by farmers.
It emits very uncomfortable light and blinks with four patterns of sound, roaring lion or elephant, squeaking sound of alert bleaking by deers and the sound of explosion made with a gun.   
Usually deers tend to get used to the sound and light but changing the program of the patterns and combination regularly make it difficult to get used to this gadget.
Different from the LED light bulbs made by major electronic manufacturers, the bulbs made by Ohta Seiki are made of poly-carbonate and it works for ten years.
Mr.Ohta is planning to manufacture 30 units of this gadget per month in maximum in order to reduce the damage of produces in Hokkaido brought by deers. Kudos to Mr.Ohta and Director Mr.Takeichi! If any questions about this gadget, please do not to send email to me, ikeda.kazuaki@pref.hokkaido.lg.jp  We have to adjust the number of deers in Hokkaido.


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