Michelin's Guide Book recommended!

by Chiseko

The Japanese SOBA (buckwheat noodle) restauant in Naie Town got "Bib Gourmand" in le Guide Rouge (Red Guide) of Bibendum.
The name is Karamatsu-en" which means "larch park" in Japanese.

The restaurant is on the roadside of Route 12. Going from Iwamizawa to Asahikawa, it is easily found on the right of Route 12.
The noodle sold in the restaurant is made from the buckwheat raised in Urausu Town without agricultural chemicals.
Rice crackers flavoured with shrimp powder are very popular as souvenirs for friends.
Dried noodles and fresh noodles made of "Botan buckwheat" are sold at the cashier.
Sora-soba topped with grilled pheasant and sliced-raddish tempura with mushroom is composed of the produce and products sourced locally in Sorachi, and is very popular in this restaurant.
Tomatoes and pork produced in Naie Town are boiled to make this "Tomato Soba".
Japanese gallete is for side order.
Tempura Donburi(rice bowl) and cold buckwheat noodle soup were my lunch on the day. The restaurant has two kinds of sauce flavour. One is spicy and another is comparatively sweet for soba soup.Open: Friday to Wednesday 1100-20:00(March -October). 11:00-19:30(November-February.) Close: Thursday, the beginning of the year. 

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