Beautiful morning in Iwamizawa City!

by Kazu

These flowers are blooming on my way of jogging in the morning. Iwamizawa City has the rose garden in its area like Chippubetsu Town in northern part of Sorachi. Both of them are struggling with making ends meet.
Only roses can not attract so many people?
If any ideas to solve the problem in these municipalities, please let me know.
Don't  females like the flowers any more?
Almost all females need to be treated like a flower, I think. But the names of the flowers are not known so much these days. The flowers are the rivals of females. No, those I do not think so. My wife loves flowers so much.
Few couples were walking around this morning but I love to walk around with my wife.
I think it is very good thing to walk around with the spouse in the morning to reduce the stress level every day. Don't you think so?