Sky Park in Takikawa!

 by Alan

Me Gusta! The experience to fly by the glider in Takikawa City may change the sense of value. Only the sound of wind going by the wings made me feel as if I became another kind of creature.
The air crafts are much smaller than I imagined but its light and strong body seems so reliable. 
 Sorachi sub-prefectural area including Takikawa City has a vast flat land that connects Sapporo City and Asahikawa City. Needless to say, the fertile plain was made by Ishikari River, the third longest river in Japan.
I was so impressed by the number of the people enjoying this sky sports in Takikawa City.
I do not like to fly by Cessna because I  had very tough time when I took a Cessna in my optional tour in Grand Canyon, U.S.A. I almost vomited after the flight at that time. But this time, the flight was so comfortable and enjoyed the sight of eagles and hawks!
 It may be curious that the city has "Ocean Center" despite the city does not have the coast. many canoes and kayaks are equipped at this center and the instructors kindly teach how to enjoy riding.
Now that It is high season for canoeing and kayaking, many kids and their parents are there under the strong sunshine. 
These equipments should be cared and brought back to the warehouse.
It is good place for education!
It is getting hot and humid. Becoming a bird of prey in the sky or riding a kayak like an Inuit may cool down  our body and comfortable!

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