Port City OTARU !

by Chiseko

Anybody suffer from restless legs syndrome?
To cure the disease, walking around in Otaru City must be good, I think.

This is the March'e Fraise called "Shin(New) Nantaru Ichiba"in Otaru City, that opens all the year round, different from original "Nantaru Ichiba".
The staff in the market  is very responsive. Early in the afternoon, most of the fish have already sold  but the rest of the them are still attractive on the tables. 
Original "Nantaru Ichiba" is closed on Sunday but this march'e opens even on Sunday and that is convenient for tourists as well as the citizens in Otaru City.    
Every time I visit the march'e, I purchase meat, cod roe called tarako, salmon roe called ikura and sliced salmon. 
Every spring my hubby has bought bamboo shoots in this march'e as well as table grape produced in Yoichi Town.
I think the grade of fish is superb in this march'e and the price is reasonable. That is why the march'e is called "the kitchen of the citizens"
The march'e is filled with super sushi-grade fish in the morning. We should appreciate the taste of each season ,being grateful to God for the grace.   
Soon everybody will go home and have dinner. My hubby will prepare for dinner tonight while I will write a report for my M1 course in Hokkaido University. I strongly recommend the meat in this march'e. Have a nice day! 

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