Kuriyama park!

by Kazu

What rankles me recently has been the lack of the place to enjoy BBQ with my wife in Iwamizawa City but I found a very interesting place that more than satisfies us in doing BBQ, in Kuriyama Town.
Going down the Route 274, this ice cream shop can be seen at the gate of the park and , it is more helpful to find this Kuriyama Park than the road sign that shown on the photo above.
The park is much wider than I imagined and has a very interesting draw. I am wondering if the park can be run by a municipality.
Other than the ice cream shop, some vendors are at the gate of the park.
Kuriyama Town is the good place to live particularly the couple with small kids and to commute to Sapporo City, having a house with a garden.
The forest contains the athletic facilities in it.
It was so beautiful day in Kuriyama Town but I had to go back to Iwamizawa City from my business jaunt.
Kuriyama Town also had a coal mine and this steam locomotive connected the coal mine and the town.
Many railway mania love this type of locomitives so much. This year is the 130th  anniversary since the first railway had been built in Iwamizawa City, Mikasa City and Otaru City so some events for the anniversary are being arranged by JR Hokkaido.
This sign is not what had been used on the platform of the JR station but the shows the location of the facilities such as ballpark and kiddyland.

From Sapporo City to Niseko Town, this kind of steam locomotive shows its elegant mechanism running sometimes but even in this annivarsal year, we will not be able to take and see such locomotives in this area.
The BBQ area can be used even in the rain.
Enough space and water supply system are proveded in the park.
This BBQ sign can be easily found from yhte gate of the park.
For what purpose is this stage used for? It is like the ruin Mexico. Have a great weekend and enjoy your visit to Sorachi!

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