The beginning of the week and the MVP of the month!

by Regional Policy Division
   Local Policy Planning Division,
   Sorachi Sub-prefectural Office, Hokkaido   Government

This is the photo of the main street in the premises of Hokkaido University. What a beautiful day!

Thank you very much for attention to this official English blog site and the contributions of words and photos!

We are very sorry for delaying the announcement of the MVP of the month, June.

The MVP of June is ??????????????????
Alan from the United States ! Thank you again, Alan, for giving us very interesting photos and comments. We will send you the coupon issued by JCB credit card company in Japan. Would you mind if we asked you to email us where we should send the coupon worth of 3,000 Japanese yen  as the present for the winner?  The moment we get the address to send the coupon, we will send the coupon by snail mail.   Thank you again for cooperation to increase the traffic of this blog!
Besides, we are very sorry for delaying to send the present to the winner of the quiz, Andy.
We will purchase the same kind of coupon issued by JCB this weekend and send you right away!

We welcome the photos of beautiful , wonderful, delicious, eyeball-popping, moving or attractive scenery, cuisine and items with some comments to post on this blog.
Please cut out your favorite scenery etc. with the camera of your mobile phone and send it to 
We will post the quiz of the month for July next week after contemplating what should be the present for the winner of the quiz.

Please do not shy away! We really appreciate the contributions of photos with words to introduce on this blog.  


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