Daddy's Diner, OTON SHOKUDO in Iwamizawa again!

by Chiseko

Kobato(means "small pigeon") Ramen is the origin of "Daddy's Diner, OTON SHOKUDO " which is located along the Route 234 in Iwamizawa and the building is reproduced next to the diner. But the replica of the origin is just for exhibition despite it has enough table and chairs to receive the guests and the counter facing to the kitchen.
Fried noodle has been one of the chef's special since the original noodle soup restaurant opened. The poster for advertisement of thin Japanese noodle "Ibo no Ito" shows that the brand and the company that produce the noodle are well-founded and has the long history.
To express the atmosphere of "Showa Era" the wall is sheathed with zinc in the restaurant. And the lightnings are simple light bulbs. All the windows are opened and very comfortable wind is blowing from the balcony.

A ramen stand is also reproduced in the restaurant and this red lantern reminds me of our life in Tokyo and appetizing for us Japanese.
This kitchen is the same as seen from the replica of the original restaurant.
This figure of the old animation character "Iron-man 28" may cost over 100 Japanese Yen for the collectors of old figures, I think.
This fried noodle with sticky broth-based sauce is a little bit too much for me.

This cold noodle soup "Hiyashi Chuka" with huge Juda's-ear is one of the best selling dish in almost all the Chinese-Japanese restaurant. The grade of this cold noodle soup is so high inspite of is simple toppings.
This is the photo of the founder of the original ramen restaurant and his wife and supporters. The restaurant was established in the rural area of Iwamizawa City called "Manji" that had a coal mine on the way to Yubari City.

Many personalities, celebrities, athletes and scions of the big boys in Japan visited this restaurant and left their signs. 

This is the entrance of the restaurant and the red post is not used any more but placed here just for making the circumstances of nostalgia for Showa Era and the hometown. 
This replica of the original ramen restaurant is just for display.
The image of the entrance is "time tunnel" to Showa Era.
The beginning of the diner is described on the blackboard. It says the restaurant had been opened by the daddy in 1955 in Manji coalmine area and the recipe and soup was handed down to the son of the founder. The son now running the ramen restaurant "Shoyu-ya Honten" but he could not forget the taste of Katsu-don (Fried cutlet rice bowl) made by the daddy and mammy. So he expanded his business and the restaurant to provide Katsu-don and other variety of cuisine that reminds us of the taste of Showa Era and the dishes that nurtured us.  
The restaurant is seeking for the staff to help them.
This is the replica of the original ramen restaurant. It has a very narrow space but it looks very cosy.
It seems that the original restaurant had the vendor corner to sell toys and snacks of ld type.
While Japanese people were struggling in making ends meet and the economy of Japan were growing by leaps and bounds, such kind of small restaurant gave  tiny satisfaction and happiness to the people. The restaurant is closed at 20:00. Please be careful! 


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