Izakaya OGAWA in Iwamizawa!

by Kazu
This bistro is not introduced in Michelin's Guide Book but the service and the taste of cuisine is superb! I introduced this Japanese Izakaya previously.This time I would like to introduce the Mom of the bistro.
It is located in the downtown of Iwamizawa, 2 Jo Nishi 5 chome. Its building is part of the Japanese inn(ryokan) and Japanese-style restaurant "Mikazuki" (means crescent), that  was renovated to run this bistro.
High-end Japanese-style restaurants called "Kappou" was used very frequently when the coalmine industry was in full flourish in Sorachi sub-prefectural area but after the coalmine companies abolished their mines, High end Japanese-style restaurants "Kappou" had got to adjust their way to run the restaurants and to show their hospitality to accommodate the folks with average income.
This is the sign of the original high-end Japanese-style restaurant Mikazuki that is used so much by journalists in Iwamizawa. Actually many farewell parties for outgoing journalists have been held in this restaurant, hosted by the municipality of Iwamizawa.
In the fridge at the entrance of the restaurant, various kinds of Japanese sake are stocked. On top of that, the quality of the beer taste is excellent ! One frozen pint of beer is 500 Japanese yen but so-called "free drink" in Japanese English  for 1 hour costs 1,400 Japanese yen that allows you to drink beer as much as you can for an hour. Including the tapas, paying 2,000 Japanese yen will satisfy your stomach and heart.   
They are the owner couple of the bistro and Japanese-style restaurant??????  No, this beautiful lady is the owner of the bistro and restaurant, who attracted so many clients with her beauty and hospitality.
Who is the gentleman ?
He is the top of the Sorachi Sub-prefectural Office of Hokkaido Government, my superior who is living on the same floor of the official apartment with me.  He is very kind to take me to my flat after binge drinking. 
The mom likes my chug-a-lug of pints of beer so much! I will post movie photo on this blog in not-so-distant future. I tried before but I was not successful at that time. In this economic recession, it must be tough to run the high-end Japanese-style restaurant and even the bistro for folks.  But she continues to provide the quality Japanese cuisine for the citizens of Iwamizawa City and tourists from outside the city. 
She has given the power and vigor to the people in Iwamizawa City  for years with her smile and delicious dishes. Please experience  her heartfelt hospitality and her hand-made soul food ! If you don't have a good command in Japanese, don't mind, she will make a phone call to my cell phone asking for interpretation. Have a great weekend !

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