Naie Town "Bunka" Hall!

by Kazu

When I visited Naie Town for the round table meeting between Sorachi Sub-prefectural Office of Hokkaido Government and the key persons exerting their efforts to revitalize the town including the mayor Mr.Kita, I was so surprised at what I had not expected to see.
It was in the building of Naie Culture Hall. It is not this object of baroque piano.  
It is given  the city by a private company headquartered in Naie Town.
Yes! What surprised me so much was "Victoire de Samothrace" that I saw in the Louvre, in English "Winged Victory", for Japanese "Goddess of Victory, Nike", should I say? The colour is different but the shape is the same as the original in the Louvre. I was so encouraged to face the challenges that Sorachi sub-prefectural area is facing, to make it to get over them and solve the problems that annoy the people in this area. I did not expected to see the sculpture again but it inspired me so much.  "Obstacles are existing for us to get over! " The words will never be obsolete. Let's win the uphill battle!


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