Waterfall and whiteriver paradise!

by Gen

It will be over 30 degree in Celsius  today! In such a hot summer, Souunkyo area in Kamikawa Town, Kamikawa sub-prefectural area and hiking on the mountains in this area including Mt.Kuro-dake, Mt.Asahi-dake and Mt.Aka-dake are strongly recommended.
This waterfall is called Ginga-no-taki which means galaxy waterfall or Me-daki which means female waterfall while the adjacent waterfall is called O-daki which means male waterfall.
Ginga Waterfall is 120m high and the stream is divided into many lines like strings falling down step by step. 
This waterfall is called Ryusei-no-taki which means shooting star water fall. The straight shape strikes us as the strong power and the water is falling down at a furious pace despite the height of the waterfall is 90m and lower than adjacent female waterfall Galaxy. This area is filled with minus ion of
H2O that refresh our bodies and mind and has many excellent hot spring spa along the river and on the hillside of the mountains.
Evacuate ourselves to the cool area with fun!
Have a nice weekend!