No,1 Whisky on the globe, NIKKA!

by Chiseko

I am not sure when "the single cask Taketsuru(竹鶴)" and "the single cask Yoichi(余市)" has got the first prize of whisky competition of the world but I remember I was very surprised and pleased with the results with my husband and informed my husband's host family in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the U.S.A., who loves bona fide Scotch whisky with their son.
Many tourists visit the premises of NIKKA distillery every day and enjoy enough the taste of real whisky made in the way Mr.Masataka Taketsuru, the founder of NIKKA, learned in Scotland where he met his would-be wife Lita.
This is the main gate of NIKKA distillery in Yoichi but the tour buses and tourists by car have to enter the entrance on the other side.My husband and I really appreciate what Mr. Taketsuru imported from Scotland. Visitors can enter and see the old house where Mr.Masataka and Mrs.Lita Taketsuru lived. Masataka and Lita had no kids but adopted a boy. I believe Lita was taken care of by Masataka enough and had her happy life in Hokkaido even though she might have had tough time to settle in. I love the photo that is exhibited in the museum and that shows Lita enjoying skiing in Yoichi. Please have a look on those photos in the museum and try the whisky that I can not drink.  

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