Roadside station in Yoichi Town!

by Chiseko

This is the roadside station in Yoichi Town where the Japanese first astronaut, Mr. Mamoru Mouri was born and NIKKA distillery that has got the best whisky award few times.
Can you imagine the aisle in the space station that has inclination. This box is showing the aisle of the space craft,I think. It has tilt of about 5 degrees from the horizontal level so I felt the gravity from the left.
The exit of the box is like that of a space shuttle.
The roadside station is called "Space Memorial Museum DOME "in Yoichi Town.
The design is so intriguing and has the charm of earth color.
Many tourists visit this station every week end.
This is NIKKA distillery where the tourists can enjoy the taste of real whisky derived from Scotland. The founder of this distillery Mr. Masataka Taketsuru learned how to make whisky in Scotland and got married with a Scotish lady Lita. He helped another distillery run by Suntory in Kyoto City but he sought for the best place to make the real whisky and stick with peat and the water from the peat.
They have no kids like us but adopted a boy to continue to run this distillery. I can imagine how Lita had a tough time to settle in and get used to the culture of Japan, particularly in Hokkaido. At first they run the farm and orchard and sold the fruit juice to earn the money to establish this distillery. I was very happy to hear that the Whisky Magazine wrote about the distillery and the single cask of the whisky distilled in this distillery got the first award of whisky on this globe. I can not drink alcohol but the atmosphere and the culinary delicacy provided  in the restaurant of this distillery  is so nice. Some kinds of whisky can be tasted for free in the restaurant  with snacks. Yoichi Town has the most bars and bistros for the population in Japan.   

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