Ashimoi Station in Numata!

by Chiseko

I have posted the photos of this station ASHIMOI before but I did not have enough time to walk around the station at that time. So I took more photos of Asimoi railway station.
The station and the old ryokan near the station was used for TV drama of the national broadcasting company NHK.
The name of the old inn is Nakamuraya Ryokan. Actually the camera shot  inside this building.
This is the station for the railway that connects Numata Town in Sorachi subprefectural area and Rumoi City on the coast facing the Sea of Japan and its current name is Ebishima station.
The downtown of Numata Town is in this direction.
Rumoi City and the Sea of Japan are in this direction. I have not tried the train to go to Rumoi City from Numata Town. I have not seen the train before. Is it really connecting Rumoi and Numata?