Soba-meshi in Fukagawa City, Sorach !

by Kazu

It's much better than I imagined about buckwheat rice soba-meshi. The lunch set consists of buckwheat-and-rice ball with seaweed Nori, pork and onion cutlet, fried potato and buckwheat noodle soup topped with yam tempura. It costs 880 Japanese yen in Japanese restaurant Tonden-Jaya in Fukagawa City, Sorachi sub-prefectural area. It opens on Monday and Wednesday to Friday 11:00-17:00, on Tuesday 11:00-14:00, on Saturday and Sunday 11:00-20:00. It is located near Sakurayama Park of Fukagawa City. Northern area of JR Fukagawa station, can I say? Inside the restaurant is very comfortable to enjoy its original and handmade buckwheat or wheat noodle with calm circumstances and relaxation.From the roadside station "Riceland Fukagawa" along Route 12, it will take 15 minutes to reach the restaurant by car.
The lunch set consists of salad, buckwheat-and-rice ball with seaweed, sauteed yam, potato croquette, buckwheat noodle soup and red beans sweet with buckwheat cake and costs 700Japanese yen. Clearly its target is females. The restaurant "Sky lounge" is at the 6th floor of the Civil Hospital of Fukagawa City, so the buena vista from the window is also enjoyable. It opens from Monday to Friday 11:00-18:00, on Saturday 11:00-15:00. It will take 12 minutes by car from the roadside station "Riceland Fukagawa" along Route 12.

Restaurant Fuji is providing this lunch set for 840 Japanese yen. It consists of salad, tempura, buckwheat noodle, buckwheat-and-rice ball with seaweed and egg and broth pudding for stater. I think it is the mots competitive in Fukagawa City but the restaurant in  the roadside station "Riceland Fukagawa" along Route 12 that I introduced before was also nice.
Fuji has enough space to throw a party inside but it opens from 11:00 to 20:30 and the lunch time is 11:00-14:00. 12 minutes from the roadside station by car, too. Please try !

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