MVP of the month, May!

by Regional Policy Division,
Local Policy Planning Division,
Sorachi Sub-prefectural Office, Hokkaido Government.

Thank you very much for contributing to this blog and our strategy, Mr.Evans!

You are the straight three times MVP of the month, 2012!
As I implicated previously, the present to the MVP of May is the baumkuchen made by the Patisserie Kitakaro headquartered in Sunagawa City.
I would deliver it to you this evening if you did not mind that!
If you could give me a comment on the baumkuchen,  would appreciate it more!
Have a great weekend!

We welcome the photos of beautiful, wonderful, delicious, eyeball-poping, moving or attractive scenery, cuisine and items with some comments to post on this blog.
Please cut out your favorite scenery etc. with the camera of your mobile phone and send it with words to    
The MVP of June will have ????????? as the present from our office.
We are discussing on the present the MVP of June will have, with all the municipalities of Sorachi sub-prefectural area and the key-persons outside our area as well as on the quiz of the month.

Please don't shy away! We really appreciate the contributions of photos with words to introduce on this blog.