Patchwork hills in Biei Town, Kamikawa!

by Gen (Kamikawa Sub-prefectural Office)

High season for motor or non-motor cycling has come even in the central mountainous area in Hokkaido.
Even if you are bind in your workloads and annoyed by the backlogs of your job, would you hit the road riding on time and motorcycle or non-motor?
Different from the stressful touring on the road jammed with cars in the main island of Japan, you can be part of the wind that flows on the surface of this hilly area with your cycle in Hokkaido.
It is not humid like in the main island of Japan. Comfortable winds will stroke your skin.
This patchwork hills located in Biei Town that has high mountains in its area as well.
Horse riding on the hill may be another big blast for families, watching the patchwork.
Rainy season called "plum (Japanese apricot) rain" in direct translation will start soon in other area of Japan.
Why do you chose the rain for leisure in your precious holidays.
As your feet want to, please drop by the scenic byway in Hokkaido and find your favorite  scenery. It can be cut out with your camera and words. If you would not mind to show your favorite, please send it with your comment to  ikeda.kazuaki@pref.hokkaido.lg.jp to post it on this blog site.
Going with the wind on this hills in this season may change your sense of value. Splendid experiences are waiting for you.