SOMES Saddle in Sunagawa City!

by Kazu

The company was established to manufacture tacks including saddles and harness in Utashinai City. But the headquarters and the flagship shop are in Sunagawa City. 
The name of the company is SOMES Saddle.
 The tacks made by the company were for horses that carry the coals in the gallery of coalmines.
The life expectancy of horses was very short because they had to work in  bad condition and they inhale the dust of coal in the coalmine.
Naturally, the horses that could not work anymore had to be killed and the meat of them was eaten by the coalmine workers.
In yin and yan or feng shui, the direction of south is called the direction of horse. So the meat of horses was called southern meat, in Japanese NANKO.
Many tourists visit this headquarters and flagship shop of SOMES Saddle every day.
 An old type coach is exhibited at the entrance of the building.
This is the perspective of the premises of the headquarters. Horse riding space can be seen ?
 The company provides Japan Racing-horses Association with tacks, saddles, harness and boots for jockeys.
Most of the horse riding goods are provided by this company in Japan. 
Making the most of the technology and skill of the manufacturers of saddles and harness, the company create the bags of high quality ow.
They can be purchased in the well-established department store in Sapporo, Tokyo and Osaka.
 The headquarters is near the Route 12 and has a comfortable space to spend your time on weekends.
 The bags are very light, very everlasting and durable like the saddles made by the company.
Another bag manufacturer ITAGAKI is also famous and creates the bags of high quality in Sunagawa City but it has no facility for the tourists to visit Sunagawa City.  
The contemporary and authentic design of the bags is loved by many females in Japan. 

 Those bags are good for the souvenirs or the present females.
 Of course, the saddles are superb and as a male, I would like to have MY saddle in my life.
These saddles are for jockeys of horse race.
This figure of horse is not made of the leather of cows nor of horses to boot. Please do not throw me boos and catch calls.
I love horses and horse riding.

Would you have YOUR saddle?

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  1. Love this post. I've been trying to get more information about the company, but to no success. I'm going to Japan in 3 weeks and can't wait to visit the Somes factory. Do you happen to know of an English speaker who could do a tour of the factory?
    Please email at zayas2007@yahoo.com