Riceland Fukagawa in Sorachi!

 by Kazu

The restaurant is at the roadside station named "Riceland Fukagawa" in Fukagawa City, Sorachi sub-prefectural area, Hokkaido.
Top grade rice crops are produced in this area including Fukagawa City.
This metal pot called "KAMA" is Japanese traditional type for boiling rice. "Kama-meshi" is the name of
 this meal. Above is "Asari (clam) Kama-meshi" which is the chef's special of this month.
While boiling rice with toppings, wooden lid of this type should be placed on the pot. It requires twenty minutes to boil up the rice with this small-sized pot. Rice cracker-like burnt rice is my wife's favorite. 
I chose "Kakuni Kama-meshi"which is the rice boiled with broth and topped with pork meat, sliced bamboo shoots, sliced carrot and gingko nut.
To be brief,  perfect!
In particular, the recipe of flavouring  this pork should be shared with all the human beings.
 Unfortunately, the capacity of this restaurant is so limited that many tourists are waiting in line after a quarter past twelve.
I strongly recommend this meal for lunch if you have a chance to drop by this roadside station along the Route 12 in Fukagawa City.
After having lunch or dinner in this restaurant, you can have white-chocolate pudding, chocolate pudding or blanche pudding.
What a beautiful day with those culinary delicacy!