Single star of Michelin's Guide Book; "Kyou" in Sunagawa City!

by Chiseko

I am very sorry for my mistake!
Japanese bistro "Kyou"(日本酒道場」橋) in Sunagawa City has got the single star of Michelin's Guide Book!
I introduced those Japanese bistro as "Hashi" before but the right name of this bistro is "Kyou".
The title of this bistro "Nihonshu Doujo" means "the ashram of Japanese sake" in direct translation and the intention is that the bistro welcomes the geusts with a variety of Japanese sake collected from all over Japan.
Chef's special is Japanese traditional pot-au-feu, ODEN, sliced and grilled beef tongue and beef tongue stew of supreme quality.
  I actually had dinner tonight in this IZAKAYA. Miso flavoured beef tongue was recommended on the Michelin's guide book but I chose beef tongue stew, grilled skewered pork and chicken, oden(Japanese pot-au-feu) and tempura for dinner.
Open: Monday - Saturday, 17:00-23:00
Close: Sunday
   The owner chef of this bistro said that two gentlemans had come to the bistro for Michelin's selection. One is Japanese and the other seemed to be French. The owner chef heard that 7 team hd taken about 2 years for the Michelin's selection. And he had got the phone call from the Michelin's staff  and had been informed that his bistro had got a single star on the day of press scrum for the issue of Michelin's guide book. Its parking space is  so limited that the railway system is the best way to visit the bistro and have dinner, I think. The railway station is near this bistro.
Everything is so nice to have in this bistro. But it does not have non-smoking area.It's a pity!


  1. How can they give a Michelin star to ANYWHERE that still allows diners' air to be polluted by foul cigarette smoke??? For me, that alone would disqualify it.

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    2. Yes, I agree with you completely. Particularly in Hokkaido,so many smokers are annoying so many non-smokers so much in so many restaurants and bistros where smoking is allowed that if any smokers are enjoying smoking during my eating, I can not enjoy enough the smell and the taste of the excellent cuisine. Further more, in former coalmine area and fishermans' area in Hokkaido, smokers' rate seems to be very high and in Japanese bistro "IZAKAYA", it may be difficult to ban smoking in Japan.