Another dragon in Uryu Town!

by Kazu

This is the roadside station along the route 275 in Uryu Town.
There is no dragon in the town.
The roadside station was closed at 17:00 so we could not get the stamp for "stamp rally" to get the present such as the products of Mikasa City, coupons to stay in the hotel at the roadside station in Hokuryu Town, the products
in Naie town, coupons to stay in Naganuma Onsen Hotel, 30 kg rice produced in Uryu Town, pickled veggies and bottles of wine produced in Utashinai City, coupons to stay in the cottage in Fureai-no-sato of Takikawa City, bottles of wine produced in Tsurunuma Winery in Urausu Town, culinary delights produced in Cippubestu Town and Yubari City.

The toilet in the roadside station can be used around the clock but the vendors open from 10:00 to 17:00 and the stamp is available bin the same hours.

Mr.You Ooizumi(right) is the local personality and actor in Hokkaido but is very popular nation wide.  Mr. Youji Kimura(left) is the anchor man of Sapporo Television Company and very popular in Hokkaido. He can be seen around Sapporo JR station, particularly in the drug store at the station.
In this languid days, please get the present produced in Sorachi sub-prefectural area by getting the stamp in each roadside station from 10:00 to 17:00. The application form is placed in each roadside station beside the box to put in the form. Please enjoy driving safely!                                                


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