Dragon? Hokuryu Town!

by Chiseko

I think the legends of dragon in Japan was made by the people who saw the tornades that connect the ground with sky.
Speaking of Hokuryu Town, it was devided from Uryu Town located  in the south of Hokuryu Town. The name  of Hokuryu derives from north of Uryu that is the namesake of Urirobetsu that means the river where many cormorants range in the language of indegenous people in Hokkaido Ainu.   
The gate of the roadside station in Hokuryu Town is concocted with two dragons.
Hokuryu means northern dragon, can I say?
There is no legend of dragon in Hokuryu Town but the citizen of Hokuryu Town need the power of dragon in the economy.
Iis this building like Amalienborg Slot in Copenhagen of Denmark?
I am not sure how the design of the building was decided. In the rice fields the building is existing.
Hot spring spa is also in the building.
Hokuryu Town produces the rice of high quality so the restaurant Fusha (windmill) should be tried even though it was not on the Michelin's Guide Book.Rice burger is very popular.  
Hokuryu Town produces black soy beans and sunflowers, too. The products made from black soy beans and sunflowers are sold in the souvenir shop in the building.
This is the entrance of the hotel ad spa.
The stairs to the nursing room are decorated. "Stamp rally"is arranged by the associatuion of roadside station. If you can collect all the stamps of the roadside station in Mikasa City, Ashibetsu City, Utashinai City, Takikawa City, Urausu Town Fukagawa City, Chippubetsu Town, Yubari City and Hokuryu Town on the form placed in each station and put it to the post in any roadside station, something will be sent to your address as a present. 

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