Single star of Michelin's Guide Book; "Hashi" in Sunagawa City!

 by Chiseko

Japanese bistro "Hashi"(日本酒道場」橋) in Sunagawa City has got the single star of Michelin's Guide Book!
The title of this bistro "Nihonshu Doujo" means "the ashram of Japanese sake" in direct translation and the intention is that the bistro welcomes the geusts with a variety of Japanese sake collected from all over Japan.
Chef's special is Japanese traditional pot-au-feu, ODEN, sliced and grilled beef tongue and beef tongue stew of supreme quality.
   I can not drink any alcoholic drinks but I can enjoy "the friends of sake" enough without sake. I would like to try the bistro soon but as a result of Michelin's single star, it may be difficult to reserve a table for my husband and me in "Hashi" now.
Open: Monday - Saturday, 17:00-23:00
Close: Sunday
See you at "Hashi" which means bridge in Japanese !   

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