Michelin's Guide Book recommends ! Soba-dokoro Ashimoi

by Chiseko

Anybody could remember the soba restaurant in Horoshin Onsen, Numata Town that is recommended to visit to stay in comfortable space?
In Michelin's Guide Book, 100% buckwheat cold noodle is recommended to have as well as 20% wheat and 80% buckwheat noodle that is made of grains of wheat and buckwheat kept in storage air-conditioned with snow.
Those hand-made soba noodle is amazing to swallow with the fresh smell of buckwheat like sushi -grade raw fish.
I chose the small rice bowl set with three colour topping made of minced and sauteed chicken,  scramble egg and tuna.  Hot noodle soup with a shrimp tempura accompanied with it. After soaking in the onsen spa, having these bowls is recommended in the guide book and I could understand what the writer intended.  
Besides, the quiz of the month, June is politically difficult to answer, maybe.
I think the island can be seen from the pass in the area listed on the World Heritage of UNESCO. I am not sure the name that the residents of the island call it.
If anybody got the right answer, please send it to 

It is getting hotter today! I think it is much cooler in the island. 


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