Hokkaido University Summer Festival !

by Chiseko

Though YOSAKOI SORAN Dance Festival began on June 6(Wed.) in Sapporo City, another  super draw in Sapporo City has begun on June 7(Thu.) in the premises of Hokkaido University and many tourists and citizens swamped the main street of the university.
 Above is the photo taken in the morning of June 9(Sat.) Saturday, so not so many people are there on the street. 
 The Thai stand sells spicy hot fried noodle pattai and Thai dumpling. The staff shouted that the pattai is not so hot, but I prefer hot & spicy one.
 I was wondering if the average Japanese people prefer not so hot Thai food despite they love hot and spicy Chinese noodle soup, tantan mieng that was sold at the Chinese stand of the photo above?
"Friendship stand " is set up by the alliance of the international students studying in Hokkaido University.
I 'm not sure if any factions are there in each nationality but speaking of Bangladesh, China and Mongolia, two parties set up and ran their own stands. Difference ? I have not tried them yet.   I can understand that Taiwanese stand should be separated because of the difference between Taiwanese and Chinese food and their politically difficult situation.
 The Spanish tapas stand was so nice with their glaring works that I show you later. They were so pretty and cool that I ate too much!
 The Mongolian stand set up their traditional yurt Geru beside their stand and provided the service to rent Mongolian traditional attire to the guests.
 I saw they were selling Mongolian dumpling and cakes etc.
The Mandarin Chinese stand wa selling something interesting. Chinese dessert pudding and sweets are sold.
If they could use the gas burner and grill with which they are familiar, they might be the best performer in this festival.
The  Indonesian stand was selling the sweets as well as vermicelli-like food.
The Polish stand was also popular but the waiting lines of the people who want to buy the Latino cuisine hid the Polish stand much to their chagrin.
The Myanmar stand was struggling with explaining what they were selling. it may be the first time for me to see the Myanmar stand in this university. Welcome!
The Philippine stand might be the second most popular vendor in the international zone of the festival.
This is the other Bangladesh stand that sold curry rice!???
I will try tomorrow!
This Nepal stand also provided with curry flavoured in their way. I think it may be a good idea to throw a international students festival in the hotel with no regulation of using gas grill and burner in order to extract the ability of the international student to cook up their traditional cuisine and recognize the diversity of the world in Sapporo City.
This is the other Mongolian stand that smelled good!
This Latino alliance stand showed their performance with the huge pan to cook the seafood paella.
"Delicious Chinese Dumpling cooked by the Iron Chef Mr. Chang" is the sign of this stand and attracted many people oriental.
The Malaysian stand also sold their sweet dumpling and vermicelli-like food!? If any mistakes, I apologize.
Because of the regulation or the cost of cooking utensils, many stands sold sweets that can be provided easily at their stands.
This Latino stand from South America might be the most popular with the special utensil for the Doner Kebab.
I saw this utensil for grilling last year,too. But can it be purchased in Sapporo City or Tokyo?
I love doner kebab in Turkey and Arabian countries so much!
It was called tacos pastone in this stand.
The seafood paella was so nice but to be honest it needs a little bit more twist, though I would not to like to be a devil's advocate.
Basically, perfect!
From the not international area, this stand for fried noodle omelet was the best in this festival with its reasonable price and high quality eggs from the coast of Lake Toya where G8 Summit was held in 2008.
They called the omelet "OMU-SOBA" as it showed on the sign.
Not-so-spicy sauce and mayonese
made the best match with the noodle and egg.
Enough space to have lunch or dinner around those stands but almost no chairs and tables on the street and lawns around the street.
This is what I recommended above in the part of the Spanish stand. Skewered and grilled pork and onion with bread is very popular but can you see the black and orange beside them?
Yes ! They are penguins made of olive, carrot and cheese spread!
I was eager to raise the glass for the pretty works and the perfect combination of the taste of materials.
Spanish omlet was also nice with mayo and bread.
Cute ! and so delicious that they should be provided with white dry wine in each Spanish and Italian restaurant in Sapporo City and other area of Hokkaido!  I would like to send best-performer awards to this Spanish stand in Hokkaido University! Only one day is left to see the penguins. Why don't you visit the festival!

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