Teuchi Soba "Kimura", Comfortable restaurnt recommended on Michelin's Guide book!

 by Alan
Have you ever had a dinner or lunch around the Japanese fireplace IRORI?
It can be seen only in very old houses in Japan but speaking of small type, in many Japanese bistro Izakaya and even in this small buckwheat noodle restaurant recommended on the Michelin's Guide Book , we can see the art of practical use.   
This is the buckwheat noodle restaurant in residential area of Iwamizawa City, Sorachi sub-prefectural area. The name is "Teuchi-soba KIMURA".
It's a little bit dfficult to find it in the evening. Only three cars can be parked in front of the restaurant.
It opens from 11:30 to 14:30 on Wednesday to Sunday. in order to have dinner in this restaurant, reservation is required and the seats are so limited.
Normally, Chopticks are used for having noodle but in Takato Area of Nagano Prefecture, one stick of leek is used for having buckwheat noodle soup and as a spice to bite directly.
This restaurant can serve the buckwheat noodle soup of Takato type.
It may be awkward and difficult for occidental people to have soba with this single stick of leek.

Lefthand side is "Yamisoba" which means the backwheat noodle soup in the darkness and its image is the full moon in the night. Seaweeds are topped on the soba noodlesoup with a half of boiled egg.
Right hand side is the all inclusive cold soba noodle soup set called "Bukkake soba" which means "dousing sauce".
Tempuras of shrimp, bell-pepper, sliced pumpkin, fresh seaweed and a half of boiled egg are on the noodle. Cold sauce made of soy-sauce with broth for soba noodle is in the pot and should be doused on the noodle with green horse raddish.    
The entrance space is very narrow for the restaurant and like for normal private house but very tidy and squeaky clean.
Only three tables with a fireplace IRORI that filled up carbon sticks are placed on the floor.
But a party room for 12 people is next to the flooring space.
The coupons issued by this restaurant can be used for lunch and dinner. I think this coupon can be the present to the winner of the quiz of the month or the MVP of the month but very few expatriates living in Hokkaido can use the coupon, so other kind of give away is more preferable, though I gravitate to the buckwheat course menu called "soba kaiseki" for dinner. Its address is 8-38, Higashi 8-chome, 1-jo, Motochi, Iwamizawa City. Phone: 0126-20-1616. Non smoking. Bravo!

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