Horokanai Town in Kamikawa

by Gen (Kamikawa Sub-prefectural Office)

What a beautiful contrast of the gradation of blue sky, white clouds and flowers, green grasses ! This photo expresses every gradation of feeling in this season from joy to sorrow, can I say?
This white field is buckwheat field.
I am wondering why the affluent people in Asia do not enjoy motor-cycle touring in Hokkaido.
Harley-Davidson is too heavy for Oriental people ?  No!  Even the Japanese people love to ride the huge motor cycle in Hokkaido.  
It is not rainy in Hokkaido including this area n this season. Actually it may be tough to ride on the motor cycle in the rain, but wonderful hot spring spas with culinary delights can be used in such case in every part of Hokkaido.
Besides, Horokanai Town had been belonged to Sorachi sub-prefectural area but now belongs to Kamikawa sub-prefectural area. The town is known as the place where the buckwheat flour of superb quality is produced like Numata Town in Sorachi sub-prefectural area. I think the best way to appreciate the freshness of buckwheat flour is to make cold noodle from it and eat it with soy-sauce-based broth soup, green horse raddish and sliced leek.   
It is like sashimi or sushi and the colour of the noodle turns from beige to gray as the time goes by. Galette? I think it is for not fresh buckwheat but I also love the taste.
Left hand side is the photo of Lake Shumarinai in Horokanai Town in winter. Minus 40 degrees in Celcius can be experienced around this area to boot.

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