Canola Bossoms Festival in Takikawa City!

Canola Blossoms Festival in Ebeotsu District of Takikawa City is waiting for you from June 2(Sat.) to 10(Sun.)

■ ??? June 2? It starts today!

I am very sorry for failing to post the information. Please visit Takikawa City and eat lamb BBQ Jingisukan ! 

■ Attention!!

Though any traffic controls and additional regulations are not enforced in the area, please be careful enough to avoid traffic accidents while enjoying the scenery of perfect yellow.  And the canola fields are the place owned and cultivated by farmers to produce the flowers and canola oil, so please do not enter the private premises and the canola fields. 

■ Notice!!

As a result of high temperature in April, the condition of "Happiness Colour Hill" is so nice !

■ たきかわ菜の花まつりFacebookを始めました


■ the Venue

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